Wireguard - IPv6 leakage

YASM VPN wireguard OBSD-6.7-cur


I moved to -current just to test out kernal baked wireguard and I'm really happy how effective it is despite some unknown behaviours(?).

I have configured 6 clients on my servers, just in case if someone I know want to test it out, I never had any problems with my moblie network provider it doesn't use IPv6, heck it's 2G (rarely 3G on sweet spots).

Had a chance to test on 4G network on another phone, it did work without any problems but after weeks I got a report of IPv6 leakage (=_=)

Ofcourse, my OBSD server doesn't have IPv6 add in first place I should have added a extra field in client config something like ::0/0

AllowedIPs =, ::/0

Perfecto of YASM