Distorted Pleasures

Essence of this blog is documenting daily struggles beacuse of my Yet Another Stupid Mistakes |YASM|. Tags should give an overview of contents you may consume.

Sometimes I like to rant and be off-topic because,

I bet you never thought about it, but the Internet and dreams are similar.
They're areas where the repressed conscious mind escapes. [Satoshi Kon, Paprika]

The fonts I use are Terminus for www and Spleen for console, all other non-bitmap fonts look blurry on my screen (blamming fonts, not my eyesight or screen). I want to use Spleen everywhere but always had scaling problems, let this be first site to use.

The best way to screen a stranger for potential homie is knowing what they listen. I put great thought into my recommendations, IRC ##darkwave libera.chat if there's sync.

I have few self-hosted instances running, hoping it'll inspire someone to make federated web great again and small initiative to reach out people.

For love of computing, Let's stop feeding proprietary sharks. Cheers for visiting \o/

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