Usecase - tracking device

rant android


Finally found a proper usecase for my tracking device (android phone)


I can accesss some features through adm, found scrcpy a python module which mirrors phone screen through local network.
I used x201's webcam and phone as back mirror for haircut I did, had great results my goto style - Ian Curtis

$ scrcpy
$ mpv /dev/video0 --profile=low-latency

alt dual_view

cool mic

Cool mic is source client for icecast, the lastest release has both live mic feed and local playback It might be a great solution for someone making pods on move.

Other than these I use phone for it's intended porpose phoning. Although I have disabled shit-tons of propritary services, It's still a tracking device on pocket and not convinced as essential.

I remember a urge to break into 2 pieces when I first brought this (bokia 5?), actually tried couple of times (evil grin). Eventually I replaced with a cheap dump phone and went with it for 2 years until a miserable death, blaming on washing machine.

For all those throwing money on tracking device with blind trust that it's actually switched off (unless it has battery removable, most of them aren't); feel sorry for yourself.

Hopefully pinephone defines a new era!