TLS acme-client

OBSD-6.7-cur httpd YASM TLS/SSL


I highly recommend grabbing a copy of httpd and Relayd Mastery, even config aren't valid now, it provides simple yet effect overview of topics (for instance TLS, no more SSL)

OpenBSD comes with acme-client copying letsencrpyt example config /etc/examples/acme-client.conf will do and acme-client -vv domain.tld should generate fine.

Two things to look for if it fails,

Add certificate path (not present in example as of now) domain certificate "/etc/ssl/"

For subdomains, after setting A record in domain registar Make sure it works with random caps.

nslook  wWw.DisPl.nL

Blogs to look for,

My hearty thanks to letsencrypt for providing great service, making TLS an industry standard.