Snail SSH

OBSD-6.7-cur mosh YASM


Been a really hard day figuring relayd (still no luck) combined with my frequent SSH connectivity loss beaten to bottom.

That how I decided to try mosh, I heard it few months ago but didn't interest me because all I did was using a local network.

Setting up, no hassle installing as it's in ports. After doing the same on client (Artix & termux) you are done? no

It gives error using different UTF-encoding as my location and server's isn't same. A Easy work around is exporting export LC_ALL="en_US.UTF-8" (something of your preference) in .profile

I was really surpised how smooth my experience turned, drawbacks I cannot scroll to see history apparently there are workarounds with tmux (which I have been putting off for xfce4's terminal tabs) probably I'll change my workflow.

Because of all this Cluster gimmicks I asked something that was literally in OBSD man on 1st section, well people on IRC were kind enough pointing politely. KSH by default on OBSD doesn't source /etc/ksh.kshrc so when I do interactive non-login shell for root it won't source.

Defining a ENV variable like $HOME or ENV=~/.kshrc will expand for any futher non-login instances. That's what I did and I was litterally plugging my hairs at 4am figuring.

After quite some time I remembered commenting out keepenv on doas.conf for my user (faceplam)

permit persist keepenv :hisacro as root

This would do but I would recommend setting setting seperate env, more on Tedunangst's blog - doas creator I cannot complain it's already 6 in the morning.