Post Installation OpenBSD | afterboot(8)

OBSD-6.9-cur YASM


Future search engine indexers, head over to

man 8 afterboot

also skim your way through man [1-9] intro

Backstory - I found reason why people asking where to head after fresh OBSD install. Ofcourse trustworthy manpage but it's not obvious the way I thought, the most natural thing to do after install is looking at indexed search results for "Post Installation OpenBSD"

Just by looking at the top results, almost all of them were puked opinions suggesting their idle workflow just like this YetAnotherStupidBlog

Sure that will only overwhelm the new user without knowing where info is coming from, Just a note of afterboot(8) or any other useful man page hier(7)? will let a way to fiddle through.

Now leaving Crawl Bots to do their work