OBSD Daily Driver X201

OBSD-6.8-beta X201


My daily driver's hard disk died (Manjaro/Artix on X201) I had partial backup of /home/hisacro.

Manjaro was used for audio production (jack + guitarix + calf-plugins + ardour). This was untouched for 6 months since my Enterprise (RG421) struck on my dorm.

I was tessting a screensaver script the next morning it took a troll on drive :( (btw driver expansion trick doesn't work)

Cleaned up other X201, it had OBSD 6.7 (vannilla install) updated to snapshots, it was the middle of my mirror update so package updates were struck for a day (=_=)

I have few essentials like keyboard map (tap hold), trackpoint scroll, tiling wm..

I'm trying to stick with OBSD workflow, (xterm, fvwm, tmux, wsconsctl)

Stay tuned for 6.8 badge :) (probably add little animation)