lets tunnel through

OBSD-6.7-cur perl portgen


I did cheat trying out a php module called logarr(?), having looked into config for setup path I lost hope when I saw \path\to\foo (microtheft I suppose)

Posted a thread recently asking for pastebin-like self hosting services, I got few suggestions, using just httpd and scp or sshfs into root directory httpd servring, to overcome upload access to others one way was to setup up public key authorization (maybe from github or so) but it's a hassle I agree and there's an upcomming port I'm looking forward.

Now I have been looking around some cool mojo perl modules, there were even irc-server from ground, app::mojopaste got me interested it's simple paste client nothing more.

OBSD man pages have perlintro which is great targeted for perl noobies, I was skimming through and asked in IRC for OBSD way to install new modules.

 :hisacro:. for perl modules that aren't in ports,
 		any recommended ways to install?
.:thrig:. cpanm + local::lib, or Carton, among other methods
.:afresh1:. I like http://man.openbsd.org/portgen.1

Wow, portgen looks hassle free (my first impression) so I did run portgen it's not installed (that's weird because it has man) I haven't figured that yet.

I knew wireguard kernal module is going to be landed on OBSD 6.8, as of now I'm not planning to upgrade my server just because of wireguard, maybe I'll if it's worth than wg-go on ports.