Wkly Pl #9 - Libre Music Challenge

feature Gaanu/Linux music


I have encountered many instances where people defend how awful freeware audio production is,

Though it's unfair to compare $$$$ (bloat) to FOSS ones, situation is slowly but definitely catching up to professional standards(?)

Some of the packages I installed on early linux days (noobie testing waters) were deflemask great tracker to make chiptunes and protracker port holding amiga legacy.

It wasn't untill I exhasusted my budget buying guitar left nothing for an amplifier, I dived more into FOSS. Eventually dedicating that machine as linuxaudio-station

At that time, all I had was cheap 6.35 mm to 3.5 mm convertor jack plugging guitar straight into x201's sound card (horrors of bedroom musician Part I?) emulated by guitarix. Made few recordings on ardour - only cleans (all other sounded like screaming high on a torn speaker - distortion without effects?)

My eardrums were sick of using convertor, upgraded to an entry level mehringer UBS interface. Setup sustains even now, thanks to

I have spent way more time tweaking than playing guitar fun in way, but a decent head and cab in future? One Place I found very useful was linuxmusicians (wasn't active but pseudo hang) and recently came across a really cool initiative

Libre Music Challenge

Made by unfa + fellow *nix-ers. Recommend checking out his peertube and maybe community's rocketchat server chat.unfa.xyz for more info on challenge.

Really surprised by the amount of work put into it, fun way to improve skills, discover new music and packages.

Scoreboards can be seen on linked linuxmusicians page and December theme was

I'm just fiddling around now but upcoming months I would love to drop a tune.

Happy libre Jamming \,,/