Wkly Pl #8 - My Radio show

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Though I got icecast on my server, there wasn't any drive to stream on regular basis.

A tildeverse stranger suggested to get a regular show on tilderadio thanks to him,

I stream on every SAT 16:00 UTC show titled,

Distorted Pleasures - Darker Waves

Mostly covering underworld gems punk bands synthwave EBM gothic-rock darkwave post-punk.

Set list of 1st show, (artist - title)

The Plague - Never Die
The Silicon Scientist - Snowflakes
The Tearjerkers - Fool
The Mao Tse Tung Experience - Irregular Times
The breath of life - Nightmare
Parade Ground - Strange World
Flowing Tears - Undying
B-Movie - Nowhere Girl
Ghastly Shadows - Alone
Life in Sodom - Germana
Man Without World - All Nymphs Are Volcanic
Treebound Story - On the Rock

Rest of the set list

Shows are archived on tildeverse

Hope in, let Darkness Acquires \o/