Wkly Pl #19 - Barkley & Backyard Ultra races

feature documentary


Found something that will consume me, it's backyard ultra races. Rather than a race I see it has peak form of endurance test, I always get attracted to these, seeing how far I can go pushing limits. Without a doubt these are in the similar page of uber-sleeping or shut-in reading and yes these are not healthy but there's something that appeals - oh might be that peak ego boasting boosters, evil grin ;)

The documentary - Just one more lap - invidious link aliter - yt engaged me, also Barkley Marathons from the same race creator felt raw. Switch from cycling to running is on the way!


Gary Cantrell on right and the farmer friend Barry Barkley who he name his race after, joking it wouldn't have become popular if it wasn't for his name.