Wkly Pl #16 - Book Binding, hands documentary

feature art book binding


It all started with my interest of printing technics audio rack's fat manual but the thought crippled to dunes ages ago. Later today I wanted to make bind of a book which went out of print in 2007 (that's one way of justifying my pirate duites)

Digged up signature making scripts, looking back it's all stupidly complicated with conversion to ps, making bundles of file with page flipped for duplex

Stumbled on BookbinderV-3.0, it has all the mentioned features for binding packaged into java package (!! initially I mistook the release date 2010 for 2020)

all in all it's a neat package, does the work with a slight bug on flip correction when blank leaf is added before title page (as of writing I have organized 11 signatures each containing 8 papers - 8x4 32 pages, waiting for me to sew and bind)

Like a bonus, the author of Bookbinder (more popular for iText) wrote a book this year - Entreprenerd Building a Multi-Million-Dollar Business with Open Source by Bruno Lowagie

Now is the most interesting find, hands documentary series!

"hands" are hands down the most irish thing came out of ireland (ofcourse next to Father Ted, you down with this sort of thing again?)

I'll soon be visting the whole series and see if I could score OG physical copy

Episode 27: A Dublin Bookbinder (invidious link)
yt - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBd67qQy96k

This remained me of a moving documentary, a picture real than the most real
Goto No Torasan
It was a priviledge to experience that and all 3 in my circles would agree the same (I doubt anyone outside JP have seen than us)

Saving the whole story later untill then I'll continue to fanbomb Torasan all over!