Wkly Pl #13 - insidescanlation.com

feature art manga


Manga(s) have always fascinated me, it's one of the simple yet very powerful medium to get thoughts out.

Most of the time I find myself looking for unlicensed hidden gems and it has a dark Airy feeling around when I find a scanalation banner from past decade with 'Looking for cleaner, editors, tAranslators' 'pop on our IRC!' (sadly no group I know as of 2021 exclusively uses IRC anymore - heck, most of them are just artifacts now)

Just how much people and their life has been change over a decade. It always put a smile looking at my older release archive

And that's how stumbled on insidescanlation.com, took me a whole afternoon to read the beauty and process all the years!

Going through each history (3 generations) was like unveiling a scattered cyber-fossil. It was the same mix of joy and sorrow from watching bbs_documentary BBS, artpacks!

For all the underground heros who brought their loved manga to light! some may have unfortunately crossed the 'bridge' but their works go on and on and on..