Embracing perl

perl IRC shell


I haven't figured relayd filters yet, takes some time to dig mailling lists, wrote a function to "ffman" (firefox man) it does search through

# This opens three tabs on current ff instance
# bash (bloat?) to utilize parametric subs
# whitespaces replaced with + 
ffman (){
	firefox ddg.gg/?q=\!openbsdman+${1// /+}
	firefox ddg.gg/?q=\!openbsdmisc+${1// /+}
	firefox ddg.gg/?q=\!aw+${1// /+}

I have plans to run Searx on my server but as of now relaying on !bangs of quackquackgo, I believe even firefox has a native feature similar to this.

When I stepped on to *nix world, I remember subscribing to my local support group's mailing list, it's active enough in midst of pandemic making some cool live sessions in irc and metty (terminal live stream I suppose)

Reason I got interested was, the resource for running a live chat was running out and it was being disccused on mail thread. Back in my mind, right time to chime in.

I suggested running own irc server with ngircd (ircd-hybrid also looks neet) but after hearing the issue, irc protocols cannot hide join/part messages server side so they went for socket.io based client (JS huh! taking up resource eventually shutting it down)

After sticking through peak time about 5pm to 6pm because of live session, most of them were connecting through webrc client having same ip also the chat is restricted during presenter's time, so streaming my znc log with some filter might do.

After quite STFW, I found the term "long polling" of course first thing I did was checking ports I found one, "ph5-mojolicious" I have to admit the name is fisshy pissy and it's a perl module, been putting off perl for a long time now thinking about it I haven't got into a new "programming language" for more than a year.

Learning perl now for mojolicious. Hopefully I'll try to implement something within 7-day session.