Hit my head against wall? - mail server

mail-server OpenSMTP OBSD-6.7-cur


Started hosting my mail server at start of this month, I have been putting off thinking I'll solve boogle spam filter problem, sadly I couldn't yet. Wish all my homies (don't have any) use proton, tuta, disroot..

Listing some valuable resources on web.



Web Sharks don't like, Unless you cloak yourself. Great Insight - ref: grumpy-troll.org

Testing Cloak - Real pain

Vaguely on this order.

Eejits listed me

Doesn't matter just found when STFW.

Apparently boogle suite suggest having

should get a pass, but it's not in my case. There isn't any clear info on whys' & why nots' (if it's easy why would tons of company make business out of it - improve mail landing in spam)

I'm waiting for my Domain Registar to support DNSSEC for my TLD, shame it's not (even on custom authoritative name server)

Though there's huge gap to overcome these proprietary tactics, I'm constantly looking for ways. (Part 2 of this?)


Listing mailservers

$ host <IP or DOMAIN>

Webserver that serves site & figure REQUEST

$ curl -sD- -o /dev/null https://www.displ.nl
$ curl -I https://displ.nl

update 2020-08-18

It's still a mystery what made me look good on proprietary big corps continued on..

Service I missed (didn't help me much but good)