24/7 IRC



Setting up ZNC, IRC bouncer was easy with interactive --makeconf and it enables webclient by default but I rain into troubles which got me confused.

First off the when accessing Webadmin, ssh ports are restricted in most of browerser, for firefox add a string property in about:config to bypass

# new property
# values seperated by comma   
6667, 6697 

but I would recommend using other ports to reduce hassle.

Running interactive makeconf, sets network & channels for admin (which is idle case for me as I'm the one running) but I tried to configure user.

The most confusing part is SSL, as per ZNC wiki it provides own certificate if user doesn't have one (running base ip as of now) I would definitely take that up which is what I did, with "accept risk prompt" (gimmick of providing own SSL I guess) I ran https on webadmin page, but connecting through IRC client it won't (I'm not knowledge at the moment to go through the reason).

In the end I ran without SSL on ZNC networks but SSL on the networks ZNC connects (Freenode, IRCnow, euIRC)

As IRC client on my daily driver (Artix Linux) is hexchat, with /server <znc_ip> port <user/network:pass> I connected to it. To my surprise it updated my present channels to znc.

To override client's log (if enabled) and enable playback buffer from ZNC.

# hexchat setting
logging > display scrollback from previous sessesion 

I'm 24/7 online!, hoping someone will pop on #darkwave (freednode) and maybe a radio session.